Ooops, your important files are encrypted.

If you see this text, but don't see the "Wana DecryptOr" window, then your antivirus removed the decrypt software or you deleted it from your computer.

If you need your files you have to run the decrypt software.

Please find an application file named "@WanaDecryptor@.exe" in any folder or restore frome the antivirus quarantine.

Run and follow the instructions!

Wana DecryptOr 2.0

Payment will be raised on

28/08/2020 00:00:00

Time Left


Your files will be lost on

03/09/2020 00:00:00

Time Left


Oops, your files have been encrypted!

What Happened to My Computer?

Your important files are encrypted.

Many of your documents, photos, videos, databases and other files are no longer accessible because they have been encrypted. Maybe you are busy looking for a way to recover your files, but do not waste your time. Nobody can recover your files without our decryption service.

Can I Recover My Files?

Sure. We guarantee that you can recover all your files safely and easily. But you have not so enough time.

You can decrypt some of your files for free. Try now by clicking <Decrypt>.

But if you want to decrypt all your files, you need to pay.

You only have 3 days to submit the payment. After that the price will be doubled.

Also, if you don't pay in 7 days, you won't be able to recover your files forever.

We will have free events for users who are so poor that they couldn't pay in 6 months.

How Do I Pay?

Payment is accepted in Bitcoin only. For more information, click <About bitcoin>.

Please check the current price of Bitcoin and buy some bitcoins. For more information, click <How to buy bitcoin>.

And send the correct amount to the address specified in this window.

After you payment, click <Check Payment>. Best time to check: 9:00am - 11:00am GMT

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Send $30 worth of bitcoin to this address: